Dry Bones and Business Resurrection: Lessons from the Book of Ezekiel

I will never forget when I went to church in 2007 and heard the pastor preach about the Valley of Dry Bones.  My bones were indeed dry, relationships were dry and I was searching for something but all I found was short lived–lively for a time and then dead. Just dead stuff all around me, short lived thrills and I didn’t get it. The point? What’s the point of all of this if good things dry up and die.  At a low point however I ended up in church and heard one of the most powerful sermons I have ever heard in my life. The pastor asked, “Can these dead bones live?” As he preached from the book of Ezekiel about how the dead bones were revived, I was filled with hope and that hope has never died, even in business. I have told the story before that the business came to a low point after being prosperous for many years. “It’s dead,” I heard echoed over and over in my head. But even with those haunting words, hope prevailed and beyond logic, I believed a resurrection was possible and after a couple of years of recovering, the business lives. So how does a business go from dying to thriving? Here are a few points from the book of Ezekiel that I used when my business was in the valley:

  1. Ezekiel spoke over the dead situation. He prophesized and spoke those things that were not. He told dead bones that they would live again. Some people may call it being unrealistic but I call it faith. When people asked me how my business was doing and it was LOSING money. I said, “All is well!” Every morning, I audibly affirmed a business turn around and prosperity. I admit my mind did not always line up with what I was saying but I SAID IT ANYWAYS!
  2. Ezekiel saw visions. I believe God gave me a vision for my work but when I did not spend time talking to God and in prayer, the vision was not clear. Decisions were not always wise and there was too much reliance on feelings. Feelings are fickle which is why I believe that feelings must always be compared to the vision given by God. Maybe some days you don’t feel like moving forward but the vision helps you to do so inspite of how you feel. Asking God for clear visions and directions were critical to my business resurrection.
  3. Ezekiel obeyed God’s directions. God gave Ezekiel specific instructions and he obeyed even if it seemed ridiculous. Talk to bones? For me, it did not make logical sense from a financial perspective to continue with a certain part of my business but God gave me directives and every time I obeyed a directive that seemed illogical, a part of the business would come back to life. For example, God told me to fund a nonprofit while my business was losing money! Huh??? But I did with my own money while I really had no money–had to work it out day by day with all sorts of side hussles and then…..more referrals would come in or someone would reach out to me and teach me a new skill set.

I personally don’t think I went from losing money back towards six figures in a short period of time without supernatural intervention. Can a business be resurrected that is dying? I believe so. I believe a dead business can come back to life! I believe all things are possible with God beyond what it looks like. The question is what are you saying when it is dead, what do you see and what are you doing? Do you lie down with the dead bones or do you tell the dead bones to live?