Curricula Development

Tomeico is passionate about incorporating entrepreneurship education into healthcare curricula. Many health and human service professionals unfortunately receive minimal to no education on entrepreneurship yet are taught to create innovative practices! But how can I create this practice they often ask once they graduate and realize they do not have a business skill set. Basic business knowledge is essential to the success of health and human service professionals who are change agents. Tomeico can assist universities and health and human service programs with entrepreneurial curricula and learning modules that prepare and empower them to be the therapists they want to be!

Tomeico has created a curricula for personal home care thru NC REAL, guest lectured on entrepreneurship in multiple programs across NC and is an adjunct faculty member at Rocky Mountain College with a focus on integrating entrepreneurship throughout the OTD program under the leadership of Dr. Twylla Kirchen. Together they are focusing on increasing occupational therapy jobs through out the state of Montana! She is available to assist other colleges and universities with similar initiatives.

RMC-Tomeico Faison Adjunct Faculty Link