Bringing Our Billing in House!

We have officially brought our billing in house and the learning curve is steep!  In a recent conversation with another therapy business owner, the need for education regarding was discussed. Why is it that so many therapists are clueless about billing and reimbursement when that is how many of us get paid? With our lack of knowledge, it is easier for persons from other disciplines who do not necessarily understand our practice to attempt to dictate how we practice. Unfortunately, I have heard and read about too many unhappy therapists experiencing the unrealistic productivity demands, which makes me think that all too often, the attempts are successful. So, where do we start with learning about reimbursement and billing? Not meaning that you actually are going to start doing billing yourself. Perhaps, you will and perhaps  you never will but either way, you will be more educated which is not a bad thing, particularly if your company accepts insurance or plans to do so in the future. Here are three things we are doing that I recommend you try also if you want to become more educated in this area.

  1. Read-Read insurance contracts. Every insurance that you credential with has a contractual term indicating how one should bill in order to receive reimbursement for services. There are manuals, fee schedules and websites loaded with information. Overwhelming? For me, yes certainly, but that does not stop me from taking baby steps to read and learn more about insurance contracts. Can you commit to one page a day to increase your knowledge in this area? I bet you can!
  2. Ask Questions-We have not because we ask not. Who are  you going to ask? The contact people on the websites, the manuals, etc. Some times these people know exactly what they are talking about and other times, well let’s just say that I may have to call back and pray for another person to answer the phone. I also ask my consultants and mentors who may have more experience in these areas. If you don’t have a consultant or mentor, start looking!
  3. Last but not least-Seek out reputable continuing education events. There is continuing education on these topics but you may have to spend some time searching. The continuing education may not necessarily be geared towards therapists but perhaps billing and coding specialists, for example. There are community college courses, online courses, webinars, etc. Information is out there, we just have to find it! Consider adding a CE on reimbursement to your annual CE goals!

As we move forward with our in house billing, I admit that I have been intimidated but Therapeutic Solutions is doing it afraid. What about your company?