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Tomeico Faison is a serial social entrepreneur guru!

She gets excited about new social enterprises and innovative programs for underserved populations. Her focus is on ensuring these enterprises and programs have a social impact and are financially sustainable. Tomeico started Therapeutic Solutions just two years after graduating with a masters degree in occupational therapy from the University of NC at Chapel Hill. She has successfully grown the business for the past 17 years, making over a million dollars in revenue from independent contracting and scaling community-based therapy services.

Her EXPERIENCE includes:
  • Growing a group home business to over 24 homes and selling it to another therapist in an innovative way
  • Securing over one million dollars in independent contracting
  • Starting and scaling in-home low vision services for seniors growing from one to over 200 referring providers
  • Founding a nonprofit
  • and More!
Her SKILLS include:
  • Environmental scanning for nontraditional needs
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Scaling
  • Inspiring and Motivating with Supernatural Faith
  • Coaching
  • Teaching business skillset
  • Marketing
  • Financial management for small practices


Universities-Created entrepreneurship modules for Rocky Mountain College and consulting for clinical faculty work, UNC-Chapel Hill-clinical faculty consultation, Duke University-curricula writer

Organizations- Worked with Duke Eye Center to add low vision rehab services and is currently working with Monarch one of the largest mental health agencies in the state to integrate OT into the behavioral health system.

Therapists- Helped over 85 other business owners develop practical business skills via consultation, coaching, and workshops


I partner with universities, organizations and therapists to increase therapy business ownership and innovative therapy programs for social impact


To be a recognized global leader in therapy business consultation, coaching and education

Leading with Triple “S” Values: 
Spirituality-Tomeico believes she was given a gift from God to help therapy entrepreneurs serve people who may otherwise not get services, such as seniors in the community with developmental disabilities.


Social Justice-Tomeico believes that society should afford all persons the same opportunities and rights and promotes social and occupational justice in her work.


Servitude-Tomeico believes that she is called to serve her clients and works to create multiple affordable resources to serve the needs of  therapy entrepreneurs.

From Tomeico,

I partner with therapists, organizations, and universities to increase therapy business ownership and innovative therapy programs for social impact! I help change the mindset and build a skill set so that the business not only has a social impact but is also financially sustainable.

So, how did I become so passionate about helping therapy entrepreneurs? Let me share a little more about myself so you can understand the root of my life purpose.

From as early as I can remember, I have been enthusiastic about entrepreneurial endeavors. Born to teenage parents, who later divorced, I saw entrepreneurship as a way to help out the family financially in middle school. My first business was a tutoring and babysitting business that became so lucrative that my family decided to take over it. As an adult, my love for entrepreneurship continued to grow. In spite of the vocation I chose, I was always led back to entrepreneurship.

Today, I have a lot of roles–I love ministry. I am a wife, a mother of two boys, an entrepreneurial guru, a runner, a poet, a writer, a speaker, a real estate investor—let’s just say I am an occupational being, that is I love to be occupied in meaningful occupations. I have been an OT since 2001, helping others participate in meaningful daily occupations in spite of disability status. But I was BORN an entrepreneur and all career paths always lead back to my natural gift! So in 2003, after working two years as an employee in a psychiatric hospital, I started Therapeutic Solutions (www.therapeuticsolutionsofnc.com) because I saw a need for OT services for adults with developmental disabilities and I needed a flexible schedule due to having a premature infant.

Therapeutic Solutions has now been in business for over 16 years offering innovative specialty services to persons with low vision and/or mental health needs across NC. Although Therapeutic Solutions has successfully developed work in niche specialized markets, navigating the business systems of these markets has not always been easy. Therefore, I am a dedicated educator and advocate for the success of current and aspiring therapy entrepreneurs.
I lead with triple S values: Spirituality, Social Justice and Servitude. I understand the frustrations that many therapists have in some traditional settings that focus on productivity and profit more than service and improving quality of life which results in less than optimal practice. I get it! I lived it and want to change it!

Through Faison Consulting (faisonconsulting.com), I serve as a business consultant and coach partnering with universities, organizations and therapy entrepreneurs to increase therapy business ownership globally.

It’s possible to provide quality services while still making a profit—with a”change in mindset” and “building skill set” and I am available to help make it happen!

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It can be tough starting a new business! Tomeico has affiliate agreements in place with multiple businesses that have helped make her business a success!

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